Internet Marketing

Online Strategy Development

Each of the individual items below are useless unless they are part of a comprehensive strategy that will leverage each piece of content being generated in order to maximize the web exposure for your company.

E-mail Blasts

A monthly E-mail Blast (eBlast) is a cost effective way to add an additional, consistent touch point for both customers and prospects alike. It will be informational and carry news regarding upcoming client webinars, show appearances and special offers. E-mail blasts and newsletter sign ups are a great way to create an active lead generation database, as well as an easy way for media to follow client developments.

  • Content Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Email list management
  • Statistical Analysis and follow-up on sending potential business leads


OTA will create, manage and promote our client’s internet blog that will offer relevant content to our client’s user base, prospects and the general RFID community as a whole. The blog will be updated initially on a monthly basis and blog topics will range from items of customer interest to our client’s product news and support. Users will have the ability to subscribe to this blog which can also act as a support structure for frequently asked questions. Blogging strategies can sometimes be very effective marketing tools, and in other cases, not very effective at all. This strategy will need to be re-valuated quarterly to determine its effectiveness as part of the overall marketing plan.

  • Content Development
  • Monitoring for feedback / content approval
  • Blog maintenance
  • Linking to community associations, linking to all other social programs
  • Statistical Analysis

Social Media

There are many different social media services, such as Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn, that are available and that can provide companies with excellent ways to release news and connect with the greater public; however, if not managed properly, social media can hurt a companies reputation. In the past OTA has used social media as an opportunity to reach out and add value to consumer communities as a whole by being responsive and personable. Let us help outline and execute a social media strategy that works for you.

  • Content Development – Revise company profile and create group associations
  • Follow-up on feedback daily
  • Permeating Groups of potential clients and industry
  • Statistical Analysis and follow-up on sending potential business leads


Our client’s already uses webinars as a sales / demonstration tool on an individual basis. The use of webinars can be expanded, however, to showcase new products, release benchmark reports and feature case studies so that prospective buyers can learn more about our client’s products. Webinars can be “sponsored” by our client and promoted through channels such as RFID Journal, and/or, OTA and our client can create our own Webinar Series.   Ideally webinars would be in conjunction with a customer or partner. We suggest a combination of both strategies, depending on cost of Sponsorship with the various media outlets.

  • Content Co-development up to 20 pages
  • Marketing of Webinar (Twitter, Linked-IN, Email Blasts)
  • Permeating groups of potential clients and industry
  • Statistical Analysis and follow-up on sending potential business leads

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