OverTheAir Media is capable of offering the full spectrum of marketing solutions from high level strategy to tactical deployment.

Market Research and Strategy

Success does not come by accident. Let the marketing experts at OverTheAir Media help you with a Jump Start Marketing Strategy session targeting where to focus, how to win, and what activities will get your desired results. Our experts have deep domain knowledge in Auto-ID and can deliver the market intelligence in product, marketing, and technology analysis.

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Internet Based Marketing

As more people are using the web to connect, communicate and keep in touch, it is becoming more important that a company leverage the internet to promote their brands, establish leads and communicate with customers.  Internet based marketing strategy can be a double edged sword, which is why it is important to have knowledgeable professionals who can manage your brand effectively on the web.

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Website Development and Design

Your web page is your window for the rest of the world to look in and learn about what makes your company valuable as well as what sets your company apart from the rest. Entrust your web development and design to seasoned professionals who will architect your website in a way that is most effective to your audience while making it structurally sound and SEO friendly.

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PR and Editorial Needs

The communicator you can trust that understands your technology and audience. At OverTheAir Media we have the connections to the publications to promote your brand and build your credentials as a thought leader in your target market. Our skilled technical writers will help you with your manuals, whitepapers, and press releases.

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Tradeshow and Event Marketing

Every tradeshow and event that your company participates in is an investment and you need to know how to make the most out of it. We’ll help you by making sure that you’re getting the maximum amount of exposure at these events, while collecting new leads and generating business by developing a comprehensive tradeshow strategy.

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